Curved Cat Scratcher
Why cats scratch:
Cat's claws continue to grow throughout their lives. Periodically, the base of each nail becomes encased in a scaly outer layer, or sheath. This sheath causes discomfort when cats retract their claws. Scratching is the cat's natural method of removing the sheath to condition and maintain healthy claws.
In nature, cats will scratch trees or logs, so in the house, cats often turn to furniture as substitutes.
Why use a Pet Zone?? Scratcher:
Pet Zone?? Scratchers provide cats with a scratching surface they can't resist.
Scratchers are reversible for double the scratching life. Cats appreciate the tight nooks and crannies in the corrugated cardboard that help them groom their claws as they scratch.
Pet Zone?? Scratchers include 100% premium North-American-grown catnip for the perfect solution in claw maintenance! Pet Zone?? catnip has been grown to achieve the strongest, most aromatic catnip ever produced.
  • Provides cats with a scratching surface they can't resist
  • Reversible and shaped for active scratchers
Size23 oz

Pet Zone The Wave Curved Cat Scratcher

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