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Seizures, neurological disorders caused by abnormal electrical disturbances in the brain, or epilepsy, can affect both dogs and cats, and can be extremely frightening to witness for pet owners. When a seizure occurs, neurons in the brain send and receive electrical impulses in the body that interfere with normal brain processes. This can result in your pet experiencing loss of muscle control, confusion, disorientation, paddling their feet, salivating, urinating, or defecating themselves. Seizures can last anywhere from a few minutes to suffering a few episodes within a 24hour period. There are a number of potential causes of seizures in cats and dogs, including hereditary traits and infections. Stressinduced episodes can be triggered by events such as trips to the vet, changes in routine, new family members introduced to the household, or even thunderstorms. Nervous system health and functioning also plays an important role in supporting systemic harmony and normal electrical balance in dog and cat brains. Natural Treatment for Common Symptoms of Pet Seizures EaseSure is a 100 safe and effective, nonaddictive, herbal supplement. Formulated by our team of experts in natural medicine to promote brain and nervous system functioning in dogs and cats, EaseSure supports symptoms commonly associated with epilepsy, seizures, or stressrelated episodes in pets with overactive nervous systems. EaseSure contains a scientifically chosen selection of ingredients known to support soothed nerves and your pet's natural equilibrium. Using a unique, therapeutic blend of passion flower, skullcap, wild oat seed, and ashwagandha in a concentrated liquid formula, EaseSure provides support for nervous system health, stability, and brain functioning in dogs and cats. EaseSure is vegetarianfriendly, Koshercertified, and contains no artificial colors, preservatives, or added gluten. Available in liquid
  • Herbal supplement for brain and nervous system functioning in cats and dogs
  • Supports managing common symptoms of seizures, epilepsy, and stress-induced episodes
  • Natural tonic promotes calm or stimulated nerves as needed
  • Supports an overactive nervous system and promotes stability
  • Ingredients passion flower and skullcap soothe nerves and promote routine equilibrium
Dimensions1.5 x 1.5 x 4 inches

PetAlive EaseSure-S Nervous System Health Dog & Cat Supplement, 2 Fl Oz

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