GUITARIST PHIL SARGENT'S ECLECTIC LYRICISM HIGHLIGHTS HIS NEW CD quot;His compositional originality is matched by his incisive playingquot; -David Kane, Cadence Magazine On his new CD, A New Day (June 1, Sargent Jazz Records), guitarist Phil Sargent makes consistently lyrical and inviting music, while exploring sophisticated compositions that blend elements of jazz, rock, and world music. Joining Sargent are bassist Greg Loughman, drummer Mike Connors, and vocalist Aubrey Johnson, as well as special guest pianists John Funkhouser and Brian Friedland who appear on one tune each. Sargent's 2002 debut CD For Carl, is a more conventional jazz recording, with traditional jazz instrumentation including saxophone and trombone. His interest in Balkan music and jazz-rock fusion is evident on the earlier release as well. In the years since that album, Sargent went through quot;a period of intense practice and development in both my playing and composing,quot; he says. quot;My tunes, for instance like 'Gridlock,' are more complex harmonically. I also worked hard to blend together all of my different influences. I think this new album really reflects more clearly who I am and where I'm coming from musically. And, after eight years, I think the level of playing is better as well.quot; The core of the band, Sargent, Loughman, and Connors work together often; usually in other people's bands. quot;In a strange way that makes us a better band,quot; Sargent says. quot;Working as sidemen, we've formed this brotherhood and deep knowledge of each other's playing. We had to develop an empathy toward different approaches and a certain kind of humility to be able to play the music of other leaders, while at the same time keeping our own voices, so we can bring something personal to whatever we play. With Greg and Mike, it's not just about chops, it's much more about our connection, our musical relationship. We can just open the music up a
  • Phil Sargent - New Day [CD]
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Publication Date20100601
Publisher ImprintAudio & Video Labs, Inc

New Day

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