Phoenix Rising [Audio CD] Temptations
"The legend continues," writes the only remaining "real" Temptation Otis Williams in this CD's thank-you notes. There is little here besides his survival and the group name to connect this to the classic lineups' prodigious achievements, however. Phoenix Rising lived up to its title by becoming a hit in 1998, yet it sounds more like Babyface leftovers sung by Take 6 than anything deserving of carrying the once-mighty Tempts' handle. --Rickey Wright

1. [0:44] Here After (Interlude)
2. [4:46] Stay
3. [5:31] False Faces
4. [4:52] How Could He Hurt You
5. [1:26] I'm Calling You (Interlude)
6. [7:20] This Is My Promise
7. [4:20] My Love
8. [5:05] Tempt Me
9. [4:34] If I Give You My Heart
10. [3:58] Take Me In Your Arms
11. [5:51] That's What Friends Are For
12. [4:47] Just Like I Told You
13. [4:03] Stay (Remix Version)

  • genre: Soul/R&B
  • product type: Compact Disc
  • Release Date: 18-AUG-1998
  • Returns Accepted?: Yes
FormatAudio CD
Publication Date19980818

Phoenix Rising

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