New Plantronics Handsfree Headset. Model # M63-SG3-131. The adjustable noise-canceling boom microphone keeps your voice crystal clear, even in noisy environments. Also has a miniature clothing clip to keep the cord in place. Offers hands-free convenience anywhere you go. Over-the-Ear Hands-Free Headset with Boom Mic;Compatible With: . Samsung: SGH-C207 SGH-C225 / SGH-C225m SGH-C416 SGH-C417 SGH-D347 SGH-D357 SGH-D407 SGH-D410 SGH-D415 SGH-E105 SGH-E335 SGH-E715 SGH-P100 SGH-P107 SGH-S300 SGH-S307 SGH-T209 SGH-T309 SGH-T319 SGH-X105 SGH-X426 SGH-X427 / SGH-X427m SGH-X475 SGH-X495 SGH-X496 SGH-X497 SGH-X506 SGH-X507 SPH-A790
  • Allows for hands-free conversations
  • Provides safety and convenience while driving
  • Over-the-ear design for stability

New Plantronics Headset for Samsung A790 D415 X495 D415

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