Cleaning your windows becomes fast and easy Magico AG100 is a cordless rechargeable window cleaner that is light and designed to quickly clean and dry all flat surfaces, without leaving streaks. Windows, mirrors, tiles, showers, lacquered or glass tables - all clean and sparkling with no stress. Magico AG100 can clean around 80 square meters with one charge. Thanks to the transparent removable tank, it's easy and fast to empty Magico AG100.

  • Cordless rechargeable window cleaner
  • Up to 30 minutes operating time
  • Removable 150 ml tank
  • 280 mm suction nozzle
Just A Few Minutes For Perfect Results:
  • For stress-free sparkling window and mirrors, simply spray and clean and then dry with the window cleaner. No streaks.
Excellent Operating Time:
  • Magico AG100 works for a generous 30 minutes before it needs recharging, equivalent to around 80 square meters. Just the time needed to clean all the windows in your house.
Light And Easy To Handle:
  • Particularly light and easy to handle, it weighs only 1.54 lbs and can hold up to 5.07 fl oz of liquid.
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    Polti PBNA0005 Magico AG100 Window Cleaner


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