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The Polti Vaporetto EASY Plus is a light and easy to handle steam gun that supplies a powerful steam jet for quick cleaning and targeted projects.

With Vaporetto EASY you can steam clean various surfaces in your home, including hobs, burners, tile and grouting, sinks and bathroom fixtures, radiators, rolling shutters, curtains and plants. It's also a good friend when swapping over seasonal clothes, helping to refresh the items. With Vaporetto EASY , a clean and sanitised house is within reach.

  • High pressure boiler, up to 43.5 psig
  • Fast heating in 3 minutes
  • 10 included accessories
Hygiene Within Reach:
  • The strength of steam offers 3 benefits: deep cleans, neutralises dust mites, germs and bacteria, and environmentally friendly cleaning without the need for detergents. For fast targeted cleaning.
Refreshes Fabrics And Plants:
  • Using Vaporetto Easy Plus on curtains means you can wait longer between one wash and the next, as the steam eliminates dust, allergens and unpleasant odours. Steam is also excellent for plants, allowing them to breathe better, while looking cleaner and glossier.
Safety Cap:
  • The Vaporetto cap does not unscrew if there is still any residual pressure inside the boiler a safety that allows you to clean with peace of mind.
Accessories For Every Surface:
  • The accessories provided allow for removal of streaks, stains and encrusted dirt from a number of surfaces mirrors, windows, cabinet doors, doors, hobs, baking pans, fabrics, taps, showers, tile grouting, bathroom fixtures, radiators and rolling shutters.
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    Polti PGNA0002 Vaporetto Easy Plus Handheld Steam Cleaner


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