• 100% compatible Advanced AGM Technology Sealed
  • Maintenance Free
  • Compatible to Works with - APC RBC10, APC Back-UPS Office BF500, APC Back-UPS Office BF500BB, APC Back-UPS Office BF500U, APC BF250, APC BF280C, APC BF350, APC BF400C, APC BF500, APC BK280, APC Back-UPS Office BF400C, APC Back-UPS Office BF350U, APC Back-UPS Office BF350, APC RBC21, APC Back-UPS Office 250, APC Back-UPS Office 280, APC Back-UPS Office 280VA, APC Back-UPS Office 350, APC Back-UPS Office 400, APC Back-UPS Office BF250, APC Back-UPS Office BF280, APC Back-UPS Office BF280C BB BP5.512RT Belkin Pro F5C510, Belkin Pro F5C520, Belkin Regulator Pro Silver 350, Belkin Regulator Pro Silver 500, Belkin Regulator Pro Silver 650, Belkin Pro F5C500, Belkin F6C650-SER-SB, Belkin F6C600-SER-SB, Belkin BERBC54, Belkin F6C1221-BAT, Belkin F6C350, Belkin F6C350-SER-SB, Belkin F6C600, Belkin F6C500-SER-SB, Best Technologies Patriot 250, CSB HC1221W, CSB HC1225W, CSB HC1217WP, CSB HC1217W, CSB HC12170W, CSB HC1221, CSB HC1217, CSB HC1221WP, CyberPower Systems Power99, CPS325VA CyberPower Systems Power99, CPS500VA CyberPower Systems Power99 CPS450VA, CyberPower Systems Power99 CPS385VA, Exide EP1221W IBT BT5-12L, Interstate SLA1028, Interstate SLA1053, Power Patrol SLA1053, Power-Sonic PS-1251FP, Vision CP1245S.
  • Voltage - 12V
  • Capacity - 5Ah
  • 2Pack
  • Dimension - 5.5 x 1.89 x 4 in.
    ColorAs Shown

    PowerStar HZS12-5-2Pack APC RBC21 UPS Back-Up Battery Cartridge No. 21 - 12V, 5.0 Ah

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