Our Animal Heaven Dog Bone Toothbrush is the ideal toy and toothbrush all in one. The bone's grooves and spikes help remove plaque while helping to remove bacteria. Though it doesn't replace a regular deep-cleaning session, the bone's effectiveness can be boosted with a dab of dog toothpaste.
  • ?REMOVES BACTERIA: Nubby-textured bonREMOVES bacteria and plaque from dogs' teeth.
  • ?CLEANS TEETH: Use between traditional brushing; can be used with or without toothpaste
  • ?STIMULATES GUM: Keeps teeth strong.
  • ?SATISFACTION GURANTTED: WheYou order today, you'rPROTECTed yoCAN oThPRODUCT be assured oThe besQUALITY and world class customer service!
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Premium Animal Haven Dog Bone Toothbrush

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