OxGord Pet Cat Hammock

This cat furniture instantly gives indoor and outdoor cats alike a fun playground to let out all of their bundled up energy. The sisal rope wrapped scratching posts keep them from wylin' out on your furniture while giving them a safe place to take out all of their pent up scratching aggression. The platforms let them practice their ninja agility skills while also giving them a place to lounge away from any other fuzzballs you may have roaming around. After some easy assembly from you, and a little safety sniffing from them, you will be sure to see your cat on and around their new tree on a daily basis. Neutral colors make it easy to put into any room of your house. If you want a happy cat that thanks you with endless purrs every day, this is the ticket. Give your cat a reason to have fun and play, and a place to rest when they are tired from all the new exercise they will be getting!


  • 12" x 12" x 13"


  • Color: White
  • Material: Wood Fleece
  • Naturally Attracts Cats to Scratch, Sleep, Climb, and Play
  • Easy to Assemble with Included Tools and Instructions
  • Made from Pressed Wood with a Faux Fleece Covering
  • Scratching Posts Wrapped with Natural Sisal Rope
  • Promotes Excercise and Activity that is Essential to a Healthy Feline
Size13" Pet Cat Tree, White

Premium Cat Tree Tower Hammock Scratch Furniture


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13" Pet Cat Tree, White