Our premium cargo mat just got a facelift. With our thickest rubber ever, deeper channels, and taller walls to catch super-sized spills, your car's trunk has never seen protection like this. Water, snow, ice, soda, dirt, mud, confetti and more - this beast stops them all in their tracks. Our smart and stylish trim-to-fit design give you guidelines to custom tailor the shape and size to fit your vehicle perfectly. It's foolproof. We're so proud of our new cargo mat, we even stamped our own logo on it to show off. Comes in three different colors to match any interior.
  • Thicker, more flexible rubber for ultimate durability.
  • Trimmable shape optimizes versatility, semi-customized to fit most trucks, vans, and SUVs.
  • Trim lines allow a custom fit for complete coverage and protection.
  • Tall outer ridges and channels keep fluid away from car interior.
  • Unique surface pattern keeps cargo from shifting around.

Premium Trim-to-Fit Cargo Liner Gray

FH Group

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