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Digitally remastered and expanded edition of this 1976 album by the veteran British rockers including six bonus tracks. Savage Eye coincided with a tour of America, followed by the subsequent launch of Phil Mays solo career. This was the group's second major release for Led Zeppelins fledgling Swan Song label and the original LP comprised of 9 songs, mainly written by Phil May, with John Povey contributed the haunting 'Theme For Michelle'. The liner notes by long-time band manager Mark St. John gives the reader first-hand insight into the history behind the album and the band's movements at the time. The Pretty Things were the also-rans of the British Invasion, a band that never got it's due. Despite this lack of recognition, they were never quite ignored, cultivating a passionate cult that stuck with them through the decades - a cult that was drawn to either their vicious early records, where they sometimes seemed like a meaner version of the Rolling Stones, or to their 1968 psychedelic masterwork S.F. Sorrow. Some of their fans advocate for the entirety of their catalog, noting how the group adeptly shifted with the times. Despite these shifts in style, they rarely racked up hits on either side of the Atlantic.
  • Pretty Things - Savage Eye [CD]
FormatAudio CD
Publication Date20150526
Publisher ImprintBertus

Savage Eye

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