The fact that chemicals and toxic substances in the environment can cause cancer is undisputed, but that doesn't mean it's beyond your control. There are many ways you can greatly reduce your risk of developing cancer. PREVENTING CANCER IN A TOXIC WORLD reports on known and suspected environmental causes of cancer, including exposures you can avoid in your daily life and occupation. There are environmental carcinogens in our foods, our sources of water, and the air we breathe, but we can avoid or reduce our exposures to them. Most importantly-this exhaustive review of cancer risks directly links you to over 60 websites and special reports you need to know about to follow the issues and stay informed. Tap into cancer prevention information about all known and suspected carcinogens both at home and at work, including radon; environmental tobacco smoke; hormone disruptors; genetic screening for certain cancers; skin cancers and sun safety; diet, obesity and food safety; cancers related to 9/11 dust; cosmetics and cancer risk; cosmic radiation risks from air travel; banned chemicals in Europe and avoiding exposures in Great Lakes regions.
  • Genre: Health & Fitness
  • Pages: 206
  • Author: M. Sara Rosenthal
  • ISBN: 0985972459
  • Publisher: Your Health Press
Publication DateOctober 2, 2012
Primary CategoryHealth & Fitness/Healthy Living

Preventing Cancer in a Toxic World: Risk Avoidance, Risk Reduction and Optimizing Health

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