The Primefit 17 Piece Air Accessory Kit comes with all the items you need for inflating tires, powering a nail gun, and aiding in a wide variety of DIY tasks. It includes a blow gun with 2 different nozzle attachments, a dual air chuck for various inflation applications, 2 inflation needles, 3 hose fittings, and much more. These pieces are made from durable steel with zinc plating for corrosion resistance and are guaranteed to last. Primefit has been providing quality pneumatic tools, air hoses, and air accessories since 1976 and is viewed today as one of the leading global manufacturers in their field. Based out of Elkhart, Indiana, this American company serves the consumer, automotive, commercial, and jobsite markets with a wide range of products that include everything from couplers, plugs, splitters, manifolds, fittings, and more. Chances are good that you've already used Primefit equipment in your day-to-day life and many of the luxuries you depend on would not have been possible without the countless brands that utilize Primefit's high quality construction and innovative designs. (PRIF004-1)
  • Steel with corrosion resistant zinc plating
  • Inflation tool with 12-inch hose and pop-out gauge
  • 30 commonly used air compressor accessories
  • Blow gun with 5 different nozzle attachments
  • Couplers, plugs, fittings, and more
Dimensions12W x 2D x 8H in., 12 x 8 x 2 inches
Weight2 lbs.

Primefit 17 Piece Air Accessory Kit


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