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Veterinarian Formulated Natural Stress Support for Dogs

Just like people, many different factors may cause pets to experience stress, such as travel, veterinary visits, separation from owners, strange environments or loud noises. Primo Pup Vet Health® Calming Aid helps your dog maintain a normal, relaxed disposition in stressful situations. Our blend of calming ingredients will help your dog relax when he needs it most.

Powerful Formula, Quality Ingredients and Taste Your Dog Will Love

Primo Pup's Calming formula helps pets cope with external stresses by supporting a normal emotional balance and nervous system function. It is a vet formulated blend of chamomile, hops, ginger root, l-taurine and l-tryptophan combined in a tasty liver flavor chewable that help to keep your pet calm and relaxed.

Veterinarian Developed Therapeutic Support – Made in the USA - Quality and Purity Assured

•Veterinarian formulated.

•Made with quality ingredients in a facility meeting human consumption standards.

•Made in the USA with Certified Good Manufacturing Practices.

•Lab tested for quality and purity.

•National Animal Supplement Council Certified.

•100% grain free.

•No artificial colors or flavors.

At Primo Pup, We Obsess About Helping Pets Live Healthier Lives

Training Tip: We recommend administering the appropriate dose as a reward for completing a task/command/trick to provide a daily training routine that both you and your dog will look forward to.

This Calming Aid is a relaxant that helps provide a sense of wellbeing in times of stress. It has not been formulated for, nor is it effective in treating, destructive or aggressive behaviors. The calming aid can be used in conjunction with behavioral modifications and training, but is not a replacement.

Contains 90 super tasty liver flavor chewables.

  • EFFECTIVE RELAXANT: Perfect for dogs who get nervous, travel or have separation induced stress.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Including chamomile, ginger root, l-Taurine & l-Tryptophan to calm & relax.
  • VETERINARIAN FORMULATED & RECOMMENDED: Ensures adequate nutrition in an easy to digest formula.
  • SUPER TASTY – MADE IN THE USA: Your dog will love the liver flavored chewables like a treat! They are made with the highest quality ingredients in the USA and are certified by the National Animal Supplement Council.

Primo Pup Vet Health Calming Aid for Dogs, 90 Chewables

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