Private Households and Money Supply aims to contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the significance of private household production and often this crucial issue had been regarded in the relevant literature of Economics as a quantite negligeable. This research demonstrates that ultimately the development of the private household production is not primarily depending on the level of the economic division of labour, but substantially depending on the realised social and economic order and their further development. This study is focused on the development of private household production and its various factors which could help to minimize the loss of a buffer function for times of economic downturn. Once the ability to establish a self-sufficient household with most of its vital areas of production for instance of nutrition, storage, shopping, cleaning, clothes, natural domestic production and personal care of household members is lost, the dependency on the market is inevitably created. Income in terms of money has to be the source of the members of the household's activities to maintain a reasonable living. Subsequently the dependency on the state of affairs of the national economy becomes vital. In particular the cash economy and the inflation are looming miseries for the majority of private households. Given the national economy's integration into the global market this adds to the dependency on international markets. An important challenge in the future will be how the private household production evolves within Western Societies with their dominant free market concepts, even with various market modifications. Sometimes one may ask whether Aldous Huxley's thoughts in his book Brave New World will come partially true.
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Publication DateAugust 1, 2013
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Private Households and Money Supply

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