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The Parenting Book, "Pro-Active Parent Coaching: Capturing the Heart of Your Child" is an essential tool for any parent who wants to connect with and empower their children through the discipline of coaching. Written by a dad, pastor, and coach, it is filled with real-life stories, practical tools and application exercises that put coaching in the hands of every parent.
Part 1 is an in depth look at how coaching is a natural approach to parenting, placing mom and dad as the best coach for their child. Pro-Active Parent Coaching presents a coaching model that is build upon a healthy Biblical framework that will help parents support a relationship of understanding with their child, and further support their growth in taking and growing in responsibility.
Part 2 & 3 uses a hands on, interactive approach to show you how to coach your child. Utilizing the fundamental elements of coaching, each facet of the Pro-Active Parent Coaching model is illustrated in detail.
Pro-Active Parent Coaching is a great guide equipping parents with a powerful way of connecting with and empowering their children.
From the Back Cover
Ever wished that you . . .
had a deeper connection with your child?
knew when to release responsibility to them?
knew how to better support their growth in maturity?
had a way to unlock the mystery of God's work in their lives?
Pro-Active Parent Coaching: Capturing the Heart of Your Child offers a simple Parent Coaching model that can help you do just that. Greg clearly illustrates a unique parenting plan that emulates God's approach to supporting relationship and growth with us as His children.
You will discover how to . . .
work with your child's own growth patterns.
release responsibility in a healthy manner.
support and encourage their development.
cultivate relationships that will last a lifetime.
Driven by the strong belief that parents are the best coaches for their children, and using practical insight within a biblical framework, Greg shows how coaching is a natural approach to parenting.
"I've been looking forward to the publishing of this book for years, because I believe the application of coaching to parenting will lead to an enormous breakthrough in our ability to raise world-changing sons and daughters... By offering a simple coaching model and beautifully illustrating how to use it with real-life dialogs, this book makes parent coaching something anyone can do." - Tony Stoltzfus, master coach trainer and author of Leadership Coaching and Coaching Questions
What Others are Saying

Greg has responded once again to speak into a great need in society. Already a proven church leadership coaching specialist Greg now addresses a most paramount aspect of human society---the responsibility of parenting well! "Pro-Active Parent Coaching: Capturing the Heart of Your Child" will be an incredibly valuable source of relevant stories, wise biblical principles, relational suggestions and stimulating assignments, all of which will assist you as a parent to capture and impact the heart of your child.
Rev. Douglas Moore, Maritime District Superintendent Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

Greg provides tremendous insight to the fact that children are not seeking independence from their parents' as we sometimes think, but rather from our "limiting parenting style"! This is a significant breakthrough concept for parenting. Greg's practical advice makes connecting with your child realistic and attainable. This book is backed with biblical insights that will save and strengthen your relationship. A must read for all parents no matter the age of your child.
Nick and; Michelle Allaire, 2 children aged 1"

  • ISBN13: 9780986927508
  • Publisher: Pro-Active Parent Coaching
  • Pubilcation Year: 2011
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00176
Publication DateApril 12, 2011
Primary CategoryFamily & Relationships/Parenting - General
Publisher ImprintPro-Active Parent Coaching

Pro-Active Parent Coaching: Capturing the Heart of Your Child a Parent's Guide to Coaching

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