Made of high density foam and protected with Rubber Armor Technology.

  • 4” H x 36” W x 36” L

  • Used at all Collegiate Levels for indoor drills (Pitchers fielding practice bunt defense pick-off plays)

  • Great for Backyard training Camp and Clinics

  • Portable Lightweight Durable

  • Choose Green or Red Clay Turf

  • Great for backyard training, camp and clinics
  • Ideal for pitcher's fielding drills
  • Crafted with high-density foam, PRAT (ProMounds Rubber Armor Technology) and a spike-resistant artificial turf to stand up to power pitchers
  • Lightweight design allows easy transportation from the equipment shed to the field or gym
  • Activity: Baseball
ColorAs Shown
Dimensions1.00 x 1.00 x 1.00 Inches

PROMOUNDS INC MP3001 4" H x 36" W x 36" L Pro Mounds Training Mound

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