ProLabs FLEX Rx Joint Care for Dogs (60 tablets) Flex Rx manages joint health at the metabolic level by slowing the processes that cause osteoarthritis. Flex Rx contains natural flavonoids baicalin and catechin, which combine to suppress COX1, COX2 and 5LOX enzymes. Powerful antioxidant effect helps protect cells and cartilage from oxidative damage. In clinical trials, significant improvement was visible after one month. 250 mg flavonoid complex per tablet. Flex Rx has a unique mode of action that supports longterm joint health by using safe, allnatural active ingredients that have been scientifically and clinically proven in nationwide veterinary practices to be extremely safe and very effective. FLEX RX also has a very powerful antioxidant benefit that absorbs destructive free radicals that lead to joint deterioration. Flex Rx contains a patented combination of two plantderived active ingredients known as flavonoids. This unique formulation helps support correct metabolic balance an essential part of healthy joint function. FLEX Rx addresses the underlying causes of joint deterioration. These two flavonoids also have a long history of successful use without side effects. Flex Rx will be available overthecounter in pet shops and retailers across the country. When dog owners want a joint health product that is natural, safe and effective, FLEX Rx is their best choice, giving them the ability to take charge of their dog's joint health and provide their pet with a quality of life so richly earned and deserved. Compare with prescription NSAIDS like Rymadyl, Duramaxx, Previcox, Novox, Vetprofin and Meticam. Flex Rx is not a prescription medication and is available over the counter. The FDA classifies this product as GRAS (Generally recognized as safe) ProLabs FLEX Rx Joint Care for Dogs (60 tablets) Helps protect cells and cartilage from oxidative damage. Support longterm joint health Supports the metabolic management of joint health A very powerful
  • Powerful, natural pain killer used for all types of pain
  • Out performs chondroitin products 2 to 1
Dimensions5.2 x 2.7 x 2.7 inches

ProLabs FLEX Rx Joint Care for Dogs (60 tablets)


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