Learn to exercise with body balls with the Productive Fitness Great Body Ball DVD & Handbook Set!
The multi-functional DVD contains a library of 46 body ball exercises that will transform your entire body. Each exercise is accompanied by dynamic on-screen graphics precisely illustrating muscles used. It also contains 3 complete workout routines designed to meet all fitness levels.
Additionally we've included the Great Body Ball Handbook, which features 45 ball exercises for working your upper and lower body, as well as improving your balance and flexibility. Easy to follow instructions guide you step by step through each exercise. Learn how to select the correct ball size for your height, and how to properly inflate the ball.
  • Learn to Train with Body Balls
  • DVD: Library of Body Ball Exercises to Transform Your Body
  • 3 Complete Workout Routines Designed for All Fitness Levels
  • Handbook: 45 Ball Exercises; Printed in Color; 64 Pages

Productive Fitness The Great Body Ball Exercise Handbook & DVD Set

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