Progressive International is your source for the widest range of functional, inventive, and fun kitchen tools and great ideas put into practice. Our in house designers spend hours in the kitchen coming up with ways to improve on a variety of traditional tasks and tools. Established in 1973, our commitment to quality and service allows us to offer a broad selection of quality kitchenware and other household products. Progressive frozen pop maker is easy to use and includes 50 wood freezer pop sticks and an aluminum lid that keeps the sticks firmly in place while they freeze.
  • Prepworks Frozen Pop Maker
  • Construction: Aluminum and Polypropylene
  • Capacity: 10 molds holding 2.5 ounces each
  • Includes 50 sticks
  • Made in China
SizeFrozen Pop Mold
Dimensions9 x 6 x 4 inches

Progressive Ice Pop Homemade Juice Fruit Yogurt Ice Cream Popsicle Maker

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Frozen Pop Mold

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