Delight your cat's sophisticated palate with a pouch of Purina Fancy Feast Broths Creamy Tuna and Vegetables Collection cat complement. Perfect for those occasions when you want to give her a little something special along with her regular wet or dry cat food diet, this cat complement features real pieces of tuna you can see along with accents of garden vegetables for a colorful, intriguing touch. The creamy, decadent broth delights her senses and makes her feel like she's having a five-star meal whenever you call her to her dish. She'll gobble up the flake-tender chunks of tuna and delve whiskers-first into the chopped veggies before lapping up the velvety smooth broth and giving you that "more please" look. Serve this Fancy Feast broth cat complement as a special treat or anytime you want to let her know just how much of a VIP she really is in your life. Some of the decisions you make for her are tough, but giving her Purina Fancy Feast cat complement is always an easy choice.
  • Creamy, savory sauce that cats love to lap
  • Crafted with real tuna chunks that you can recognize
  • Gourmet broth adds moisture and flavor to your cat's diet
  • Tender morsels offer an exciting, tender texture
  • Backed by more than 80 years of experience and research in the pet industry
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Purina Fancy Feast Broths Creamy Tuna and Vegetables Collection Cat Complement Wet Cat Food, 5.6 Oz. (Pack of 8)

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