The real test of motor oil durability isn't how the oil performs the first few miles after you put it in your car. The real test is how durable it is in the last few miles, after thousands of miles of stop-and-go driving, idling and temperature extremes.
Quaker State® Advanced Durability motor oil is so tough that, after it has gone through thousands of miles of tough city driving, it still passes certain critical industry standards for brand new oil for wear protection, viscosity retention and rust protection.*
* Wear test Sequence IVA ASTM D6891; Viscosity test ASTM D445; Rust test ASTM D6557. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendation for oil change intervals.
Quaker State® Advanced Durability:
Minimizes friction by providing consistent level of wear protection. 3X better protection than wear standards set by top American and Japanese automotive manufacturers**

  • Resistance to thermal breakdown
  • Excellent volatility control for reduced oil consumption

Quaker State Advanced Durability SAE 20W-50 Motor Oil, 1 qt

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