Advanced Durability SAE 30 Motor Oil
More Protection*
*Compared to industry standard sequence IVA
The industry tough guy
Those first few miles after you pour brand new oil into your car? Child's play. It's the thousands of miles of stop-and-go traffic, idling and extreme temperatures that is the true test of toughness.
And that's exactly the test that Quaker State? Advanced Durability? motor oil is put through. In taxi fleets across North America we test our oil to ensure it delivers. And deliver it does.
Quaker State? Advanced Durability? motor oil provides more protection:
2x better protection than wear standards set by top American and Japanese automotive manufacturers.
Maintains required viscosity from start to finish providing optimal protection.
Provides corrosion protection against harmful acids generated by engine contaminants.
  • Resistance to thermal breakdown
  • Excellent volatility control for reduced oil consumption
Dimensions13.5 x 10.8 x 9.8 inches

Quaker State Heavy-Duty Motor Oil

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