Just add wood! This kit contains trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and risers, all from leading manufacturers in the industry! Refresh your setup or build a new one with this kit! Havoc trucks are built from the ground up as an all-around longboard truck. Featuring USA made bushings, aluminum alloy hangars, grade 8 steel kingpins, and reverse kingpin geometry. The 181mm trucks measure about 9.75” from tip to tip. This set of longboard cruiser wheels measures 62mm x 40mm with a hardness of 83A. These wheels are made of premium super high rebound urethane and will be the perfect addition to your set-up! Also included with the package is a set of Precision Abec 7 Speed Bearings, 1.5" Hardware, and 6mm Risers.
  • Truck Wheel Package

RKP Raw Longboard Trucks Wheels Package 62mm x 40mm 83A 485C Red Clear

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