The RolliBot Puro 200B is one of the most powerful and portable vacuum cleaners around! The Puro is a lightweight 2-in-1 vacuum that’s completely cordless—don’t tether yourself to an outlet anymore! Designed with a multi-level filtration system and 180° rotation, this rechargeable vacuum is built with more powerful traction and a greater range of motion. Unlike other vacuums, the Puro is small vacuum cleaner built with cyclone technology to provide steady suction no matter the surface. With a suction power of 25 AW, it offers users a longer run time than the comparable Dyson’s V6’s Standard Mode! At the click of a button, RolliBot Puro transitions seamlessly from a floor vacuum to a hand-held vacuum, enabling you to reach above cabinets, underneath low furniture, and up to those hard-to-reach ceiling air vents. Bring it out to the garage to clean out your car! Customize your vacuum needs to tackle any mess using the Puro’s 5 additional attachment tools! With rechargeable batteries, an extended run time of 28 minutes, and a weight of 3-5 lbs, this mini vacuum cleaner allows you to move quickly and operates at a soft 75db—making it quieter than most traditional vacuums. Maintaining a clean home is a breeze when you have the Puro lightweight vacuum cleaner. Unlike other major vacuum brands, it uses a .13 gallon rinsible canister. Just dump, rinse, and move on with your day! Spend less time scraping and cleaning and more time on the things you love.



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