Turning to a vegan diet to regain his health after several near-death experiences, and learning the hard way that standard medical care can be anything but health-infusing, John McCabe began writing books about how a plant-based diet can prevent and reverse a wide variety of diseases while also protecting the environment. Becoming an advocate for plant-based nutrition free of disease-inducing animal protein, synthetic chemicals, and heat-generated toxins, McCabe coined the term "raw vegan." It is now an internationally recognized definition of what is becoming an increasingly popular dietary choice of unprocessed, unheated, fresh, organic, plant-based foods rich in the nutrients on which humans thrive in health. In this book of easy, simple, no-nonsense recipes, McCabe provides a variety of dishes that are easy to make, low-fat, rich in nutrients, and diverse enough to satisfy a wide variety of preferences. As an author of numerous books and a ghost co-author of many books by other writers, McCabe has had his hand in more raw vegan books than any other writer. His books sell internationally and include "Sunfood Diet Infusion,""Sunfood Traveler,""Vegan Myth Vegan Truth,""Extinction," and "Igniting Your Life." And now, this simple little recipe book that will be a nice addition to the kitchen of any person interested in healthy dietary choices. With this book, McCabe continues his global influence, playing a role in creating a raw vegan culture that is flourishing in some regions while beginning to blossom in countries the world over. While California is considered the epicenter of raw vegan cuisine, interest has gone global. From South Africa to Northern Europe, New Zealand and Australia to Asia, and throughout the Americas, raw vegan culture continues to evolve into a force that has become an industry and lifestyle influencing everything from what is being grown on farms and home gardens, to what is being served in restaurants and sold in stores. To familiarize yourself with the concepts behind raw veganism, read McCabe's book, "Sunfood Diet Infusion." Combined with his other book, "Igniting Your Life," implementing its teachings in daily life and awakening the senses through pure, unadulterated, plant-base nutrition can spur a life previously undiscovered, and perhaps one far beyond what the reader had previously considered possible.
  • Genre: Cooking & Cookbooks
  • Pages: 272
  • Author: John McCabe
  • ISBN: 1884702104
  • Publisher: Carmania Books
Publication DateAugust 9, 2013
Primary CategoryCooking/Vegan
Sub Category 1Cooking/Vegetarian

Raw Vegan Easy Healthy Recipes: Simple, Low-Fat, Health-Infusing Cuisine

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