A razor for changeable blades has both the characteristics of a straight razor and a safety-razor at the same time: in the application it is handled like a straight razor. but the "re-sharpening" is as easy as with a safety because a dull blade can be simply replaced by a new, sharp and cost-effective(!) one. In any case, it is a less expensive entry for those who want to use a real straight razor later, but before trying to decide whether this type of shaving is at all suitable. Furthermore, this "one-way blade razor" has hygienic advantages, which is why these razors are often used in hairdressing or barbering. Our razor is made of stainless steel, the handle is matt finished and the blade holder has a high-gloss polish. Additional features include: Made in Solingen. Delivery with two plastic holders in red and black for 45mm and 65mm razor blades. Weight only about 25g (without blade), with blade approx. 27g. Delivery includes 10 pcs RAZOLUTION razor blades - these are simply broken through in the paper (please be careful!) - then they can easily be inserted into the plastic holder. The total length is approx. 20 cm (fully unfolded).

    Razolution SBT83501 Matte Black Exchangeable Blade Straight Razor


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