Recovery EQ ExtraStrength with HYALURONIC ACID (HA) formally Recovery EQ HA for HORSES (2.2 lb). Horseowners can achieve the benefits of Hyaluronic acid administration without the side effects or inconvenience of the needle. Orally administered through Recovery EQ ExtraStrength provides an optimum delivery system to the root of the problem. Technical plantderived pharmaceutical grade low molecular weight and highly bioavailable ingredient Benefits improved inflammationregulating properties additional lubricating properties acts as a pain reliever by soothing irritated nerve endings additional boost for circulation essential to synovial fluid nourishes articular cartilage HA works best in Recovery formulation for optimized benefits Purica's Hyaluronic Acid is produced using microbial fermentation and is guaranteed to be 99.5 pure. This is the preferred method and contains no animal protein residue, therefore is safe for the most sensitive horse.
  • Recovery EQ HA for horses improves circulation to tissues, speeds repair and slows or halts damage.
  • It is an oral anti-inflammatory, anti-catabolic used primarily to improve recovery
  • decrease tissue breakdown, inflammation and pain associated with chronic degenerative conditions in horses, such as horse arthritis and horse autoimmune diseases.

Recovery EQ HA for HORSES (2.2 lb)


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