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The overview: Lyrical Eyes is a well known poet and songstress from the suburbs of The Windy City of Chicago. She is also a motivational speaker. This book is for those that have endured pain and then found happiness along the way. For relationships that have hurt and left your soul for dead and then when you realized that God was in the storm with you, the thunder stopped rumbling. This is for women and men that did not know how to love themselves and then found the greatest love of all that had been there all along. This is for the relationships that festered to long because of the words "time invested." This is for those that have loved and almost let go because they got lost. This book is their destination to being found. There are 3 simple chapters in this book. Chapter 1.... The relationship that you learned from, that hurt you, that haunted you, that crippled you, that was good while it lasted, that kept you lost (The storm). Chapter 2..... Is the walk of truth. When you begin to realize that there is something out there that will never take you through, which is the going through process and soul searching agonizing progress that you go through with you and God alone. I call it the scream room. (The forecast is changing) And finally Chapter happiness, because you made it through the Date of conception, chapter one, the famous (-) which is the in between chapter two and then the End date of reality which is when you reached happiness, whether that be you found happiness in your self, God, or both and then you found the person that was created for you. Your soul mate. (The sun is out, happiness is here) This book will take you through my gut wrenching pain, in hopes that it will guide you though the fire with out getting burned like I did. I've lived it and I made it with God...
  • ISBN13: 9780982552353
  • Publisher: Liberated Publishing Incorporated
  • Pubilcation Year: 2010
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00376
Publication DateMarch 10, 2010
Primary CategoryPoetry/American - African American
Publisher ImprintLiberated Publishing Incorporated

Relationshhhh vs. Relationships

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