NEW Pet Botanics ECollars Assorted Colors XLarge (Neck Size: 12 1/4"21") Relieve your pet's endless cycle of biting, licking and scratching. Safe, lightweight and comfortable ECollar with padded neckline stops your pet's selfinflicted wound aggravation and allows topical medications to be effective. Transparent collar allows your pet to maintain his peripheral vision. Size XLarge (Neck Size: 15.25"20") Directions Directions: Each ECollar has unique snaps on one side of the collar. Simply place the collar snugly, but not tight enough to choke, around the pet's neck. Line up the snaps to the properly positioned holes on the opposite side of the collar and press together. To snap the ECollar into the selected holes: Start at one end of the snap. Position two fingers under the snap and hole. Firmly support the collar from below. Push down one end of the snap. Repeat procedure on the end of the snap. If the ECollar is still too loose, simply attach the ECollar to your pet's collar with gauze or string.
  • Suitable for Dogs
  • Lighweight, easily adjustable collar
  • Multi-purpose use for situations like post-surgery recovery and daily deterrent for licking medicines and self caused injuries
  • Made with transparent material that does not cause vision obstruction
  • Made in USA
SizeXlarge, X-Large
ColorAs Shown
Dimensions0.1 x 18 x 31 inches

Remedy Recovery E-Collar Extra Large Dog Collar

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