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For 50 years, fishkeeping enthusiasts have looked to the Tetra name for products and solutions that add ease and beauty to their home. Whether you're an experienced hobbyist or just starting out, Tetra has everything you need???-from a large variety of quality fish food and innovative equipment to test kits and decor. ReptoMin has been trusted by pet owners world-wide for over 30 years. Tetra ReptoMin?? Floating Food Sticks with Calcium and Vitamin C is a scientifically formulated diet for aquatic turtles, newts and frogs. The easy-to-digest formula is formulated with the latest nutritional and manufacturing technologies with precise amounts of nutrients, Calcium and Vitamin C to support vitality and good health. Use Tetra ReptoMin?? Floating Food Sticks to feed one to two times per day and only as much as your pet can consumer within several minutes. For a variety, we recommend trying one of the Tetra ReptoTreat foods.
  • Highly nutritious calcium fortified diet for aquatic turtles and amphibians
  • Scientifically formulated, large, east to metabolize floating food sticks
  • Re sealable plastic tub with handle
  • Excellent Quality.
Size1.43 lbs
Dimensions8.1 x 8.1 x 4.1 inches

Tetra ReptoMin Floating Food Sticks, 1.43 Pound Bucket


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1.43 lbs