Trust seems like such a simple concept. It is sung about at church and taught to little children in Sunday School. Knowing about trust and actually living it out, though, are two very different things. In, Restful: A 30 Day Adventure Learning to Trust God Completely, Meschelle Kolb takes you on a colorful journey of learning to trust God. She tells fun stories that illustrate how trust grows in three stages. First, trust forms through a relationship with God. Next, trust develops as trials come into your life. Ultimately, you can experience true joy as a result of fully trusting in God. Her stories and Bible insight will help you learn how to let go, trust God completely and find rest in Him!
    Publication DateApril 25, 2017
    Primary CategoryReligion/Christianity - General
    Publisher ImprintK2 Development Institute

    Restful: A 30 Day Adventure Learning to Trust God Completely

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