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The digital universe of Netwerk. Thousands of servers, millions of living Programs (the evolutionary descendents of Apps) living in relative disharmony as one massive social network. It's home to individuals seeking love, happiness, madness, trolling, order, stability, lawlessness, anonymity, individually, community, and everything in between. Binary people making binary decisions...

But life is what happens between Zero and One. Life happens within the floating point decimals.

A glorious rebirth has come for Netwerk's faithful; the One has returned to lead them into a new age. A Program so pure that his code contains no zeroes, He is ready to shepherd believers towards... well, that's a good question. Exactly who or what is this new incarnation of an old god, and what's the true purpose of this unexpected return?

Seeking the truth, three residents of Floating Point - Spark, Tracer, and Beta - investigate the strange new apostles of the One: a criminal, a copy, and an agent from the dawn of time. They offer Salvation 2.0 for the masses but beyond their simple power grab, something ancient lies in wait... a threat held at bay since the origins of Netwerk itself.

With few allies to turn to and an entire world under the thrall of a potential devil in angel's clothing, it's up to a select few to uncover the true revelation. For better, or for worse.

    Publication DateAugust 26, 2016
    Primary CategoryFiction/Science Fiction - Cyberpunk
    Publisher ImprintStefan Gagne

    Revelation of Floating Point

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