You haven't gone full-on Green Acres and bought your own farm just yet, but the Rion HG76 Sun Room 2 Greenhouse gives you a simple solution when you want to add a greenhouse to your space. Designed to turn your existing porch, deck, or patio into a fully enclosed greenhouse, this simple system sets up quickly and gives you the structure that you need. The roof panels are made using thick, 4-mm polycarbonate, a shatter-resistant material that diffuses light while filtering out harmful UV rays. The side panels are formed from 100% UV-protected acrylic that offers clear views with 90% light transmission. The white resin frame offers structural support while helping to improve insulation so you don't get unwanted drafts, in or out. A hinged door allows easy access so you won't be tracking dirt through the house, and a convenient roof vent offers air-flow to assist in temperature control. are available, so there's no reason you can't starting growing your own basil or finally get those prize orchids you've been jonesing for. (PTX082-3)
  • Offered in for any space
  • Fits easily over your existing porch or patio
  • 4mm polycarbonate top panels, 3mm clear acrylic side panels
  • White resin frame adds structure and insulation
  • Hinged door and easy-to-operate roof vent
Size8' x 12', 8L x 12W ft.
Dimensions31.7W x 73.6H in. (Door), 151.2 x 101.6 x 104.7 inches
Weight385.6 lbs.

Rion HG76 Sun Room 2 Greenhouse


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8' x 12'

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