Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal is a concentrated proprietary blend of high-shear and premium polymers developed for higher mileage engines that are suffering from decreased or uneven compression. Low compression can be caused by normal engine wear and decreased sealing between the piston rings and cylinder walls. The non-dispersant olefin copolymers fill scratches and grooves in cylinder walls to increase and stabilize compression in all cylinders. Compression Repair renews worn engines, rebuilds compression, restores lost power and repairs engine blow-by. In addition, Compression Repair helps vehicles pass emission tests.
  • Eliminates blow-by and compression loss while also reducing friction and wear
  • Blow-by is usually caused by gaps in internal engine parts
  • Does not contain any harmful lead or other metals
Size16.5 Ounce
Dimensions2.6 x 2.6 x 7.4 inches

Rislone 4 6 and 8 Compression Repair

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16.5 Ounce