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'Locally acclaimed, globally appreciated guitarist/singer/songwriter Robert Everest knows no boundaries when it comes to music, which is readily reflected on his aptly titled new release, the Robert Everest Expedition. With tracks that span ten years of composition and three continents of exploration, the CD features Everest on guitar and lead vocals, Marco Sambrotta (piano and vocals), Tony Axtell and Jocko MacNelly (bass), Michael Bissonnette and Chico Ch??vez (percussion), Andy Artz (drums), and Gary Schulte (violin). Everest has compiled the diversity of American culture as surely as he has integrated the traditions of Latin America and southern Europe.' - Jazz Police The Robert Everest Expedition is a recording from which the progress of a long career will be measured. It moves naturally through transoceanic pop modes, yet is very much at home at home. It is the work of a newly mature artist, full of ambition and emotional generosity, a love of language and a devotion to complex rhythms and simple melodies. The Minneapolis St. Paul area is fertile musical ground nourished by the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi. Robert Everest was born here into a large and ambitious musical family and is widely admired by area musicians, though he spends much of his time in Central and South America, Europe and the Mediterranean, studying the sounds that fascinate him and developing an international network of peers and fans. When home Robert can often be found playing a weekend brunch solo set at Maria's Caf?? near the American Indian Center in Minneapolis' Phillips neighborhood, where brunchers often double-take at the youthful blond-haired Anglo's confidence with Tropicalia, Bolero, Cumbia, Tango, and all the languages of the Latin world. This album follows abandoned paths and wanders among the locals. It longs for home and the heart, departing again upon an urbane bassline for Rio De Janeiro, Z??rich, or forbidden Havana at three, four, five,
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Robert Everest Expedition

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