Hybrid warfare is transforming the complexities surrounding rules of engagement (ROE). The integral foundation for developing ROE in a hybrid warfare environment revolves around operational design. Imbedding ROE development in the Joint Operation Planning Process (JOPP) from the start with a strong focus on Information Operations (IO) will lead to better campaign planning. Civilian casualties and collateral damage can better be weighed against the risk to U.S. and coalition personnel. In addition residual risk from the strategic to the tactical level can be assessed during mission analysis.A fundamental shift in international law is required to effectively deal with Hybrid Warfare and its derivatives. Updating the Geneva Conventions and in turn national law will allow the U.S. and other nations to better combat this type of conflict. With more modern rules the ability to plan operations would be enhanced. The Joint Operations Planning Process (JOPP) is a seven step process. The first two steps, Initiation and Mission Analysis, are the operational design steps. Imbedding Rules of Engagement (ROE) into the Cognitive Map developed by Dr. Jeff Reilly imbeds ROE development into all parts of mission analysis and links ROE development with strategy to task.Imbedding ROEs from the start will maximize military capability and mitigate many of the current inhibits placed by higher echelon commanders. Solid planning can empower the on- scene commander to balance risk with accomplishing mission objectives. In addition the strategy to task linkage can be enhanced without undue risk to U.S. military personnel.
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Publication DateOctober 17, 2012
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Rules of Engagement in Hybrid Warfare Integrated Into Operational Design

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