• Ignition modules will respond to a weak signal from the crankshaft position sensor and begin energizing the coils immediately for better starts in cold weather.
  • Ignition modules are durability tested for 500 thermal cycles ranging from -40C to +125C.
  • Our control modules feature double wire bonds for better connections, greater dependability and longer life despite being subjected to intense vibration and the tough operating environment.
  • High-temperature polymer housing reducing moisture intrusion and minimizes vibration damage for extended life and improved reliability.
  • Copper slug heat sinks provide better heat dissipation to prevent heat from damaging the module.
  • Connector Gender - Male.
  • Mounting Location - Distributor.
  • Terminal Gender - Male.
  • Terminal Type - Blade Terminals.
  • Voltage - 12.
  • Fit for various makes and models.
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    STANDARD IGN LX301T Ignition Control Module

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