As a parts distributor we mostly sell aftermarket parts (any OEM parts would be noted as such). Aftermarket parts are not sourced from the original vehicle or equipment manufacturer, but are designed to function the same as - if not better than - the original. All parts sold are new.

Honda 31200-R40-A01 31200-R40-A01rm 31200R40-A01 31200R40-A01rm 31200R40a01 31200R40a01rm
Mitsuba Sm730-02 Sm73002
Item Description: Starter
Unit Type: Mitsuba
Voltage: 12
Power: 1.6Kw / 2.15Hp
Rotation: Cw
Starter Type: Pmgr
Number Of Teeth: 9
Application: Automotive Applications
Weight: 7.6 Lbs / 3.45 Kg

Acura Car Tsx L4 2.4L 2354Cc 2009-2014
Acura Car Tsx L4 2.4L 2354Cc 144Cid 2011-2013
Honda Car Accord L4 2.4L 2354Cc 2008-2012
Honda Car Accord L4 2.4L 2354Cc 144Cid 2008-2012
Honda Truck Cr-V L4 2.4L 2354Cc 2010-2011
Honda Truck Cr-V L4 2.4L 2354Cc 144Cid 2010-2011
Honda Truck Element L4 2.4L 2354Cc 2009-2011

  • Made with the Highest Quality Components Available
  • Meets or Exceeds Original Specifications
  • Computer tested for consistent Quality and unsurpassed reliability

STARTER MOTOR FITS 2008-2012 HONDA ACCORD 2.4L SM730-02 31200R40A01 SM73002

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