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The STX Model STX-1000-CE, CHEF'S ELITE 15 MINUTE MARINATING SYSTEM brings SUPER FAST MEAT, POULTRY, PORK, CHICKEN & VEGETABLE marinating to your kitchen counter. Why wait hours, EVEN DAYS to marinate your favorite meals when now, with one SIMPLE TO USE PRODUCT, you can marinate your favorite items in 15 MINUTES OR LESS? VACUUM MARINATING is the SECRET! The STX Chef's Elite Vacuum Marinating System includes a durable and easy to clean marinating drum, motorized rotating vacuum base and our Operating/Instruction Manual with more than a dozen great marinating recipes. Imagine PUMPING UP your favorite meals with Cayenne Habanero Marinade, Hawaiian Marinade, Honey BBQ Marinade, Spicy Asian Marinade, AND MANY MORE! The STX Chef's Elite Vacuum Marinating System is completely self-contained. The digital control panel has a Built in Timer with an Automatic Shut-Off Function for your convenience. It also displays recommendations for the processing time for different food items.The vacuum tubing is stored in a handy compartment. Most all recipes call for marinating times of less than 30 minutes, and the majority of recipes recommend 15 minutes. LAST MINUTE meal preparation is now a snap with the STX Chef's Elite Marinating System. The STX Chef's Elite 15 Minute Marinade System relies on VACUUM MARINATING. When a vacuum is created inside the marinating drum, air gaps are created in the meat, fish, pork, etc., and the marinade rushes into these gaps to quickly enhance your favorite flavor. Dense muscle meats, like chicken breasts, should be perforated with a fork or suitable utensil prior to processing in insure proper marinade penetration. Rather than waiting for hours or days for the marinade to seep into your food, with the STX Chef's Elite Marinating System, food is completely marinated in usually 15 minutes OR LESS.
  • STX Chef's Elite 15 Minute Vacuum Marinating System Model STX-1000-CE with Auto Shut Off Timer
  • Brings Super Fast Meat, Poultry, Pork, Chicken & Vegetable Marinating to Your Kitchen Counter
  • Last Minute Food Marinating a Snap with 15 Minute or Less Marinating Times for Most All Recipes
  • Includes Operating/Instruction Manual with More Than A Dozen Marinating Recipes.
  • The Digital Control Panel has a Built In Timer with an Automatic Shut-Off Function.

STX International Model #STX-1000-CE Chef's Elite 15 Minute Meat & Vegetable Vacuum Marinator - Auto Shut Off

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