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Maladicto - Band Bio Maladicto is an aggressive and distinctive blend of hard rock with Latin roots. Hailing from Chicago, Maladicto features the individual and collective talents of Puerto Rican and Mexican members whose passion and overwhelming presence can be felt by all who experience their music. Maladicto's unique brand of hardcore Latin rock has been molded by influences like the Fabulosas Cadillac's, Sepultura, Carlos Santana, Hector Lavoe and the Fania All Stars just to name a few. Their debut album titled 'Salsatanico ...Bailando la danza de la venganza' is sure to leave ears ringing. Ben Ortiz of the Chicago Tribune (January 2008) best described it as a quot;Mexi-Rican thrashers delightquot;. Their hardcore riffs combined with the Latin grooves will definitely appeal to both Latin and rock genres. Maladicto will release their first album in 2008 and have already begun gathering material for the second album. Maladicto has played with several major bands such as Spigga and Cartel de Santa from California, Lvzbel from Mexico, Hamlet and Tierra Santa from Spain. They have also been featured in two recent compilation CDs - The 30 Year Anniversary of Latin Rock in Chicago and Rock Scarz Magazine's Compilation of Up and Coming Bands. Maladicto's engaging stage presence weaves razor-sharp lyrics with their wall shattering thrashing style. Not only has their heart-pounding music cultivated a reputation for transcending boundaries, races and languages, they have also grown an international following in a short period of time. One needs to look no further than the band's performance at the Racine Wisconsin Latin Fest from 2007 to grasp their appeal. In an area that to put it lightly - isn't their typical target audience, Maladicto quickly won over the small town crowd. quot;The crowd was going wild,quot; said percussionist Carlos Garcia. quot;There were ladies rolling towards the stage with one hand on their strollers and t
  • Maladicto - Salsatanicobailando La Danza De La Venganza [CD]
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Publication Date20080930
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Salsatanicobailando La Danza de La Venganza


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