Twin Gear juicers are the primary choice of the serious juicing enthusiast. This style juicer provides -

  • A Masticating juicing (Triturating) process that preserves Nutrients & Enzymes
  • The most nutrient-rich juice available short of using a Press
  • Magnetic gears and juice container to help preserve juice longer
  • Bio-ceramic stainless steel technology for strength and durability
  • Flexibility, through accessories, to maximize juice output from a variety of produce
  • Ability to make nut butters, purees and frozen fruit sorbets

Twin Gear machines are excellent for wheatgrass and other grasses, Kale and other leafy greens, carrots, beets, cucumber, herbs, and many other fruits and vegetables.

Operation -

Produce is squeezed between two closely aligned stainless steel magnetized gears (twin gears). The masticating 160 RPM speed reduces heat and preserves enzymes. Juice is collected in a BPA-Free container with magnets to help preserve juice quality. Pulp is collected in a stainless steel container.

  • UPC: 754748002887
  • SKU: KPE1304_HG_BLK
  • MPN: KPE1304_HG_BLK
  • Model: KPE1304_HG_BLK

Samson - GreenPower Twin Gear Juicer Black wMultipurpose Kit KPE1304 120V HNT SD


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