The Saladacco, also referred to as a “Spirializer,”“Garnisher,” and “Spirooli,” quickly creates decorative continuous spiral strands, ribbons or thin slices from hard vegetables. It is a favorite tool for raw chefs to create spaghetti from squash or to create decorative and edible garnishes. Prepare uniform slices, julienne strips, spaghetti strands and cubes from hard vegetables. Some hard fruits can also produce tasty garnishes.

  • New Collection Bowl – the bowl now has a convenient handle and pouring spout and locks into the cutting basket.
  • Locking covers – the cover now twists and locks onto the cutting basket and the cutting basket twists and locks onto the bowl. This creates more stability and prevents the sections from inadvertently separating while in operation.
  • Improved Slicers - the slicer blade is stainless steel and the strand slicer is made of BPA-free ABS plastic.

Some Garnishing Machine ideas:

  • Create raw spaghetti strands
  • Create raw ravioli pockets
  • Spiraled vegetables and fruits
  • Edible, decorative garnishes
  • Salads or Cole Slaw preparation
  • VegetablePizza toppings
  • Onion rings or fries
  • Noodles
  • Soup preparation


Easy to use! Cut items into 3.5” segments and place into the machine. Rotate the stainless steel slicing blades using the easy hand crank!

Included in the package:

  • Durable plastic unit
  • Clear Cover for observation
  • Stainless Steel slicing blade
  • Serrated Edge Plastic strand blade
  • Collection Bowl with handle and spout
  • Instruction booklet
  • Manufacturers Limited 1 Year Warranty


  • 9" High x 7" Wide
  • Dishwasher safe (top shelf)
  • UPC: 754748002887
  • SKU: SB207_X12
  • MPN: SB207_X12
  • Model: SB207_X12

Samson - Saladacco Case or 12 SB207-X12 HNT SD


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