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The roots of the San Francisco music scene are explored on this 1968 release from the Los Angeles based Vault label. Featured artists are the Great Society, which was singer Grace Slick's band before she joined the legendary Jefferson Airplane; The Beau Brummels, the influential folk rock group led by guitarist songwriter Ron Elliot; and The Vejtables and the Tikis - two influential surf rock bands that paved the way for the surf music craze of the sixties. Now finally available in the digital domain, all selections newly remastered.
  • Artist: San Francisco Roots.
  • Genre: Rock.
  • Release Date: 12 February 2013.
  • Rated: Unknown.
  • Attributes: CD-R Remastered VA CD MOD.
  • Discs: 1.
  • Label: Essential Media Group Mod ( EMG2 ).
  • Dimensions: 5.5"L x 0.3"H x 5"W.
    Track Listing:
  • 1. Somebody To Love.
  • 2. Free Advice.
  • 3. Stick Like Glue.
  • 4. That's If You Want Me To.
  • 5. Dance With Me.
  • 6. She's My Baby.
  • 7. I.
  • 8. Don't Talk To Strangers.
  • 9. Sad Little Girl.
  • 10. Anything.
  • 11. I Still Love You.
  • 12. Darkest Night Of The Year.
  • 13. Pay Attention To Me.
    • San Francisco Roots - San Francisco Roots [CD]
    Publication Date20120316
    Publisher ImprintEssential Media Group-Mod

    San Francisco Roots / Various

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