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Sassy Pants lives up to her name for sure! The runt of a litter of nineteen piglets, she is taken to live in the big house with Farmer White and his family but it doesn't take long for her to act as though she owns the place. She gets into everything before Mrs. White decides that little pig is old enough to go back to the pigpen. But Sassy Pants thinks she's 'a people--not a pig--and decides to escape and move back into the big house where she belongs. No amount of convincing can persuade Sassy Pants that the pigpen is the right place for a pig to live. Deciding that some learn the easy way and some learn the hard way, Farmer White finally comes up with a sure-fire plan to keep her in the pigpen. Find out if Sassy Pants learns the easy way...or the hard way.

    SeriesSassy Pants Learns
    Series Volume Number1
    Publication DateNovember 4, 2016

    Sassy Pants Learns: The Hard Way

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