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Art Therapy & mindful relaxation A stunning new and exquisitely detailed Colouring & Conservation book for adults celebrating the beauty of the world's oceans and its creatures by fantasy author and illustrator, Lucinda Hare. Teeming with life and home to countless birds, fish, mammals and crustaceans, the world's seas and oceans cover more than seventy percent of our Earth's surface yet many are now threatened by habitat destruction, the Asian medicine trade, the exotic pet trade and global warming. Unique and original, the artwork of Seadragons Songs of the Sea includes favourites such as puffins, polar bears, dolphins, whales, seahorses and herons, sea turtles, shells and starfish, as well as the lesser known beautiful leafy seadragons, along with information about them and the threats they face. Drawn free hand, the pen and ink original drawings will take you on a relaxing and creative journey as you learn more about the creatures you are colouring as well as reading some poems to get you in the mood. Imagine yourself beside the sea on a hot day listening to the lap of the tide and the croon of the eider ducks, and watch as puffins take off out of the sea in a splash of colour with beaks full of sand eels. Refreshingly different from other colouring books reflecting Lucinda's style of fantasy dragon artwork, Songs of the Seas has different styles and moods; some drawings are beautifully detailed and complex, others more open and free flowing inviting you to dip your brush in watercolours. Whatever your mood there is sure to be a favourite for everyone. So accept the author's invitation to bring her designs vividly to life and get those crayons out. At the close of the book organizations and charities are listed who are fighting to conserve our oceans and all the creatures featured in this book, should you choose to help their fight for survival. see also Falling for Autumn adult / child colouring book celebrating autumn... Website http: //
  • ISBN13: 9780957471832
  • Publisher: Thistleburr Publishing
  • Pubilcation Year: 2015
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00054
Publication DateJuly 11, 2015
Primary CategoryCrafts & Hobbies/General

Seadragon Songs of the Sea: An Ocean Adventure & Conservation Colouring Book

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