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SEASOFT PRO 3 mm Wetsuit Hood, the comfortable hood that doesn't get colder the deeper you go because it uses 5 different types of neoprene including compressed neoprene for the back three panels. The SEASOFT PRO 3 mm Wetsuit and Drysuit Hoods are very unique in that some folks actually find them to be as warm as some other companies 5 and 6 MM hoods.
  • The compressed neoprene doesn't get thinner as you go deeper so your head is not going to get subjected to a hood that is being squeeezed thinner and thinner the deeper you go.
  • 3mm material is going to naturally fit and stretch around your head better. This leaves less room for cold water to occupy UNDER your hood, this helps to maintain warmth as well.
  • Titanium Flakes Poil Technology™ creates 2 layers of titanium foil that reflects cold away and reflects your heat in keeping you warmer than hoods without this technology.
  • The results of all this work - a warmer AND more comfortable hood!

Seasoft 3mm Wetsuit Scuba Diving Hood


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