As the legend tells us mankind became corrupted after the seduction of Eve by the serpent in the tree of knowledge. From this single event original sin was born. Every aspect of human existence can be tied to the betrayal by the tree. It is this raw emotional turmoil that inspires the music of Seducing Eve. Betrayal, life, death, love, lost and gained, suspicion, fear, anger; emotions that we all live with everyday, yet find the hardest to express. Seducing Eve focuses these energies into composition. Dark, emotive, sometimes beautiful, sometimes on edge, the songs depict a world of hurt and triumph. Lyrics and music working in harmony to create synergies to describe the human condition. Four like minded individuals pursing the same goal. The perfect personal expression of their spiritual and mystical lives, cohesively crafted into music. Their goal is to explore the boundaries of their own self-expression, and at the same time expose themselves to the masses.
  • Seducing Eve - Corrupted After [CD]
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Corrupted After

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