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SENTRY Joint Health Chewables for Dogs contains a patented, cartilage blend that includes the basic structure of cartilage which naturally contains the family of Glycosaminoglycans (also known as GAGs). These GAGs not only contain chondroitin and glucosamine, but also collagen, dermatin sulfate, fibronectin, heparin, keratin sulfate, and hyaluronan. These ingredients make up the structure of cartilage, help the components function properly, and support joint health. Additionally, glucosamine HCl and MSM are added to SENTRY Joint Health Chewables and work together to improve e the full benefits of the blend. The blend supports normal joint health and MSM is known to reduce and maintain healthy fluid pressure. Pups of all ages love the taste and the benefits of SENTRY Joint Health Chewables for Dogs. Key Features: Helps support joint health in dogs Helps maintain healthy fluid pressure 60 tasty soft chews in convenient jar Safe for dogs of all ages and sizes
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    Sentry Joint Health Chewable for Dogs (60 soft chews)


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